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Let’s work together to help clinics improve their mental health support

Fertility patients report the same levels of emotional distress as cancer patients.

Mental health support should be an integrated part of fertility care.

What does TIlly do?

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We create free mental health support materials that clinics can offer their patients.

Everybody benefits!

Our app:

Download it here:

• Evidence-based self-care tools
• Easy access to counselling
• A supportive community

Sometimes all you have to do is ask...

Help us get in contact with more clinics!

Let us ask for you...

  1. Fill out the form and provide us with contact info for your fertility clinic. 

  2. We will reach out to them to offer our free support materials and the opportunity to test our app.

  3. If you want to - spread the word to friends or in relevant forums to help us reach even more clinics.

Thank you!

Or ask them yourself!

  • Let your clinic know that you would appreciate more resources for your mental health.

  • If you want to you can share this page with them; there they can download a presentation about our offer. on Instagram

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